First Dibs: Is Jon Hamm Going Under The Knife?

Is Kaley Cuoco’s sister making her television debut soon? Is Nicole Kidman out of the Oscar race? What was so weird about Zoey Deutch’s experience filming Vampire Academy?

  • Jon Hamm is going to undergo surgery for polyps on his vocal chords next week. The Mad Men star had been overusing his voice and started to become worried when he began coughing up blood. [Life & Style]
  • Kaley Cuoco’s sister Briana has scored an audition on The Voice. It’s unknown when her audition will air, but Kaley Cuoco’s co-star Jim Parsons is already teasing that “finally the world is going to see the really talented Cuoco.” [Eonline]
  • Nicole Kidman was supposed to be in the running for a Best Actress Oscar this year, but it turns out that her new film Grace of Monaco might be so cheesy that it’s being pushed out of Oscar contention. Producer Harvey Weinstein is moving the release date to early 2014 which is not a good sign. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Vampire Academy star Zoey Deutch had to tackle a lot of weird stuff in her new film, but for some reason, she wasn’t fazed by the long night shoots or working with “weirdo” Dan Waters. [MTV News]