Michael J. Fox Show, We Have Your Spinoff: The Wendell Pierce Show!

If you missed yesterday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Wire and Treme vet Wendell Pierce, you must have very warm legs right now — the rest of us got the pants charmed off of us. (Sorry!) We could basically listen to his voice for hours, which is why we’re thrilled that he co-stars as Michael J. Fox’s newsroom boss Harris Green on The Michael J. Fox Show, which premieres tonight with two episodes tonight at 9 pm ET on NBC. And that’s also why we were thrilled when a fan (OK, it was me) asked: What would “The Wendell Pierce Show” be?

“It would definitely have some music in it,” the New Orleans native said after some thought. “It would probably be set in New Orleans … I would be a private eye. I’m actually working on a script similar to it, ’Luke Jacobs, Private Eye.’ … Wendell Pierce as a private detective who loves the ladies.”

It turns out, Pierce is in the process of producing a script about a private investigator, but he hadn’t considered starring in it until we asked. Yes, please!

In the meantime, we will enjoy his turn as the ratings-hungry news director who begs Fox’s character Mike to return to the anchor job he left due to his Parkinson’s disease. Harris is also a “suave debonair old bachelor playboy,” Pierce said. Meanwhile, he assured us that the show won’t be all about the hardships of Fox’s disease; it is, after all, a comedy.

“His timing is impeccable,” Pierce said of Fox. “Also what’s on display is a great deal of courage and fortitude. He allows us to laugh with him. Everybody has their bag of hammers; this just happens to be his.”

[Photo: NBC]