Bunk From The Wire Knows A Thing Or Two About Twerking

If you missed Wednesday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Wire and Treme vet Wendell Pierce, today is your lucky day. The co-star of NBC’s brand new The Michael J. Fox Show, which premiered last night, was born and raised in NOLA, the epicenter of the twerking phenomenon. We couldn’t resist asking him what he thought of this craze going national, but we were totally surprised (and delighted!) by his colorful and scholarly remarks on the subject.

“First of all, I don’t know who came up with repackaging what has always been ’backing that ass up’,” he explained. “Alright? That’s what we called it in New Orleans. That’s nothing new that Miley Cyrus came up with.”

“I remember this distinctly,” Pierce continued. “I was in a club in 1998 in Uganda. Africa! Usually, when I go to a country, I learn how to say ’Hello’ and ’Goodbye.’ My whole rap [in Uganda] was always, ’Buragundi, buragundi.’ And this one girl just said, ’Shhhhhh.’ Turned around, put me against the wall, and started to back it up. And I said, ’Aw, that’s the international language right there!'”

You heard it from Bunk, folks. Now let’s get #BURAGUNDI trending!

In the meantime, we will enjoy his turn as the ratings-hungry news director who begs Fox’s character Mike to return to the anchor job he left due to his Parkinson’s disease. Harris is also a “suave debonair old bachelor playboy,” Pierce said. Meanwhile, he assured us that the show won’t be all about the hardships of Fox’s disease; it is, after all, a comedy.

“His timing is impeccable,” Pierce said of Fox. “Also what’s on display is a great deal of courage and fortitude. He allows us to laugh with him. Everybody has their bag of hammers; this just happens to be his.”

[Photo: NBC]