First Dibs: Are Jimmy Kimmel And Kanye West Really Feuding?

What will Meryl Streep look like as the Witch in Into The Woods? Which celebrity makes Natalie Portman freak out? And royal enthusiasts can finally get their first look at the new Princess Diana biopic.

  • Last night, Kanye West unleashed a twitter tirade against Jimmy Kimmel and Kimmel responded to it on his show. As amusing as it is, the question on all of our minds is…”Is it real?” After all, Kimmel tricked us all with that tweaking video and it’s not like Kanye to insult people with meme text. [Dlisted]
  • Entertainment Weekly has your exclusive first look at Meryl Streep as the Witch in Into The Woods. She looks gorgeous and terrifying and like Meryl Streep as a witch all at the same time. []
  • Turns out even celebrities freak out over other stars. Natalie Portman has admitted that she is a monster fan of Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing and that she freaks out when she sees her at synagogue. [Digital Spy]
  • Can’t get enough of British royals? The trailer for the new Naomi Watts film, Diana, hit the web and it’s all about the doomed Princess of Wales and her secret love affair with a surgeon. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: ABC]