Blair Underwood Stops By Very VH1 To Answer Your Questions!

If you’re too young to have crushed on Blair Underwood during his days as hotshot lawyer Jonathan Rollins on L.A. Law from 1987-1994 (we are too, but we loved the reruns!), you could have lusted after him on Sex and the City (as Miranda’s sexy neighbor) or In Treatment. Er, sorry. Not to downplay his considerable acting talent! Don’t tell him we objectified him when you join us on the Very VH1 Spreecast this Wednesday at 4:15 pm ET (1:15 PT). Instead, ask him all about Ironside, his new series premiering on NBC Wednesday night.

If you haven’t participated in one of our live video chats before, it’s simple: Come to this page at 4:15, and if you want to chat with fellow fans AND ask Blair questions yourself, just click on those talk balloons and sign in. This time, you can even do a little homework first, since is offering the first episode right now on demand.

What’s it like to act in a wheelchair? What was young Harvard Law Review President Barack Obama like when Underwood talked to him back in the day? We know you have tons of questions of your own, so tune in and ask them yourself!

[Photo: Getty Images]