All The Ways John Travolta Was Creepy at the 2015 Oscars

He didn't mispronounce anyone's names — at least, that we know of — but he was mighty creepy at tonight's Oscars.

When he’s not mispronouncing names at major awards shows, John Travolta is being creepy, and the 2015 Oscars were no exception.

It all started on the red carpet. Travolta had creepily tucked a chain under his collar.

Do you spot it creeping around under there?

Travolta then went in for a kiss on Scarlett Johansson’s cheek. Take note of his hand placement and ScarJo’s “What the fuck is he doing?” expression.

Travolta proceeded to point, ahem, “down south” for no apparent reason.

He kept his other hand busy by giving a creepy thumbs up.

During the awards show, he got bored and became a Cumberbitch.

Many were upset by his hair.

More still were creeped out by his overall appearance.

What takes the cake is when Travolta cupped Idina Menzel’s chin and called her “darling” while presenting the award for Best Original Song.

Why so creepy, John Travolta?

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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