Dear Chris Brown, Stop Using the Daughter You Hid for 10 Months as Your PR Campaign

Even though she's super adorable.

Chris Brown has been going HAM on Instagram these past couple of days, posting tons of photos of his 10 month old little girl, Royalty. Just last night, Breezy shared a short video of his little girl, looking #flawless in a Beyonce t-shirt.

Spoiler alert: she’s incredibly adorable! Why the hell did he have to hide her from us for 10 months? Oh yeah, because he was in a serious relationship with someone other than his baby mama.

For a long time, Brown did not have the greatest track record in the world, and this whole baby drama thing certainly didn’t help. But now it feels like he’s using his child’s inherent cuteness to make us forget that he isn’t always the nicest guy in the world. And the sad fact is that it’s kind of working— for some people.
But blanketing social media with photos of the child you hid for 10 months feels kind of manipulative and gross. Does this mean that he’s a bad father? That’s not what we’re saying. But it’s not a good look.

Royality’s just a cute kid, who thankfully appears happy and healthy. We’re never going to say no to a cute baby pic, but don’t be fooled by what’s really going on.

In related news, it looks like his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran has a new boyfriend now, so at least she’s on the up and up. The Gossip Table has more!

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