Does Blair Underwood Age? Sort His Roles Through The Years

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    [Photos: 20th Century Fox, NBC]

  • the-event

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  • streetcar

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  • LA-Law

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  • Krush-Groove

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Blair Underwood stopped by Very VH1 today to make us swoon talk about his new NBC cop show, Ironside, and we seriously had to consider the principles of mathematics. Because, seriously, this guy is 49 years old? Is he some kind of vampire? Well, if you watch the Spreecast, you will get a sense of his maturity, but we think it’s pretty hard to tell his real age from project to project. Check out the photos from some of his memorable roles above and see if you can sort them into chronological order. Answer key after the jump.

G: Krush Groove, 1985
I: The Cosby Show, 1985
B: One Life to Live, 1985-86
F: L.A. Law, 1987-94
D: Something New, 2006
E: Sex and the City, 2003-04
H: In Treatment, 2008
A: The Event, 2010-11
C: A Streetcar Named Desire (on Broadway), 2012

[Photo: Getty Images]