Last Lap: Wanna Hate On Jennifer Lawrence? “Go F**k Yourself”

Who’s the Hollywood star using coffee as a beauty product? Fans get a peek at scenes from Ender’s Game, and acclaimed author Tom Clancy dies.

  • Though no one would dare question Jennifer Lawrence’s appeal now that she’s a major Hollywood actress, she recalls that her weight was criticized when she was young. And she has no problem cursing out anyone who dares to push unrealistic standards on her. J. Law, why can’t you be our bestie? [Huffington Post]
  • Exfoliating with ground coffee can prevent cellulite? One actress believes so, and The Gossip Table panelists reveal who it is. Check out our video gallery to find out and get more great celeb news!
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  • Sad news from the publishing world, as Tom Clancy has died at 66. The spy novelist created Jack Ryan, the fictional CIA analyst who was played by Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck in film adaptations. [CNN]
  • Ahead of Ender’s Game’s release next month, get a glimpse of new shots from the set! [MTV News]

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