Last Lap: Why Does Natalie Portman Repeatedly “Freak Out” At Her Synagogue?

The world has a new selfie king, Zac Efron marks sobriety with Rob Lowe, and The Simpsons’ couch gag for its upcoming Halloween episode contains some unexpected gems.

  • In a new interview, Natalie Portman said that a star from one of her all-time favorite movies attends her synagogue. Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey frequently bumps into the Black Swan star, who totally loses all composure when they cross paths. [Us Magazine]
  • The Gossip Table’s crew isn’t leaving you hanging ahead of the weekend! Check out our video gallery to see which star was crowned with having the week’s best selfie.
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  • Zac Efron is celebrating sobriety by riding on a swing with Rob Lowe’s son. We’re glad he’s feeling so carefree! [E!]

  • What’s hidden in director Guillermo del Toro’s version of The Simpson’s classic couch gag opening? [MTV News]

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