Remember When James Spader Was Hot?

  • Endless-Love

    [Photo: Universal Pictures]

  • Tuff-Turf

    [Photo: New World Pictures]

  • Pretty-in-Pink

    [Photo: Paramount Pictures]

  • Less-than-zero

    [Photo: 20th Century Fox]

  • Jacks-Back

    [Photo: Paramount Pictures]

  • sex-lies-and-videotape

    [Photo: Miramax]

  • Stargate

    [Photo: MGM]

  • 2-days-in-the-valley

    [Photo: MGM]

  • Crash

    [Photo: Fine Line Features]

  • Secretary

    [Photo: Lionsgate]

Story time, kids! Once upon a time, James Spader was not the slightly bloated, sometimes disturbingly zen man you’ve seen on TV in The Practice, Boston Legal, The Office and now his new show, The Blacklist. He was a threateningly cool teen heartthrob. We weren’t supposed to like him in Pretty in Pink or Less Than Zero, but secretly, we kinda did. Heck, long before Christian Grey, he was lawyer E. Edward Grey, a sexual dominant who was responsible for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s sexual awakening in Secretary.

The Blacklist, in which he plays a criminal mastermind who’s decided to help the government take down other wanted criminals, is doing pretty well in the ratings, so we’ll be seeing more of present-day Spader for a while. But we just didn’t want you to forget that once upon a time, James Spader was hot.

[Photos: Paramount Pictures, NBC]