30 Celebrities Who Got Married Extremely Young (And Whether Or Not It Lasted)

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Since the dawn of time, young folks struck by Cupid’s bow have decided to take a dip into the pool of Holy Matrimony. Sure, this sometimes happens at a time when they maybe should be taking their SATs, learning how to drive and…you know, bein’ a kid. But in the immortal words of Huey Lewis (and Celine Dion, we guess), that’s the power of love. Famous people are no different, and who are we to criticize? Be wild and free, lovers!

Who says young marriages always lead to divorce? Ok, it’s true: the vast majority of unions on this list did indeed end in Splitsville, USA. But hey, they’re Hollywood relationships, that’s just par for the course, right? Head on up to the gallery above to check out some of our favorite famous (and infamous) young love birds. Some surprised us (remember Kim Kardashian’s very first time down the aisle?) while others had us raising our eyebrows from the beginning (sorry Courtney Stodden…). Enjoy!

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