Who You Looking At? Guess The Celebrity Eyes!

We apologize if the image above is just a tiny bit creepy. As much as we love looking into the eyes of our favorite stars, looking at them THIS closely is pretty unsettling. Still, it’s pretty interesting to see how well we know the peepers of famous people like (spoilers) without seeing the rest of their faces. Also, this is a great opportunity to study their makeup techniques up close. Test your eye-q right here and now!

This guy’s kind eyes have launched a Tumblr meme that never gets old. (Click “next” to see the answer.)

Hey, girl! It’s Ryan Gosling.

These eyes actually never lost their groove.

It’s Angela Bassett!

This twinkle of mischief often has this guy’s family worried.

It’s Prince Harry!

This star’s eyes have beheld an Oscar and a Grammy.

It’s Jennifer Hudson!

These eyebrows have been famous for decades.

It’s Brooke Shields!

This glare has lately been softened by a certain bundle of joy.

It’s Kanye West.

The owner of these peepers has lately become a master of disguise.

It’s Keri Russell!

We recently enjoyed seeing this knowing gleam in the mirror.

It’s Charlize Theron (with Nicole Kidman).

This guy’s eyes are often hidden behind sunglasses, but we ladies still love them.

It’s LL Cool J.

And finally, you don’t have to wait ’til tomorrow to know who this eye belongs to.

It’s Katie Holmes!

How did you do? Did you blink? Let us know what guessing games you want to play next in the comments.

[Photos: Getty Images]