We’ll Take Two: 20 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Twins

  • Aaron-and-Angel-Carter

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  • Aaron-and-Shawn-Ashmore

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Alanis-and-Wade-Morissette

    [Photo Credit: ritemail.blogspot.com]

  • Ashton-and-Michael-Kutcher-option-2

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  • Benji-and-Joel-Madden

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Charlotte-and-Samantha-Ronson

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Duffy-(Aimee-Ann-Duffy)-and-Katy-Ann-Duffy

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  • Giovanni-and-Marissa-Ribisi

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  • Gisele-and-Patricia-Bundchen

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Jason-and-Jeremy-London

    [Photo Credit: www.heavy.com/]

  • Jon-and-Dan-Heder

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Kiefer-and-Rachel-Sutherland

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-Olsen

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Olly-and-Ben-Murs

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images, dejeka.wz.cz]

  • Parker-and-Christopher-Posey

    [Photo Credit: bobbyfinger.tumblr.com]

  • Scarlett-and-Hunter-Johansson

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Siva-(of-The-Wanted)-and-Kumar-Kaneswaran

    [Photo Credit: tumblr.com]

  • Tia-and-Tamera-Mowry

    [Photo Credit: Splash News]

  • Vin-Diesel-and-Paul-Vincent

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  • linda-and-leslie-hamilton

    [Photo Credit: www.yvonnedaily.com/]

Ashton Kutcher and Scarlett Johansson are two excellent examples of why procreation is beneficial to society. I mean just look at that symmetry, that bone structure, that, that … hotness. It might be hard to believe, but their genetic awesomeness is shared with a partner in crime — that’s right, a twinsy. They aren’t all identical twins of course, but they are all twins — and that’s a start. Gisele Bundchen (hubba hubba, right?) and the Olsen twins (obvs) grace the list, along with many other celebrities you’ll be doubly surprised to discover. So check out our gallery of 20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Twins and prepare to be amazed. Twice.