Connie Britton On The Nashville Plot Twist That Threw Her For A Loop, And If Rayna And Juliette Will Ever Be Allies

Nashville only has one full season under its belt and already they’ve implemented just about every soap opera device out there: false paternity, fake pregnancies, murder-suicide, and fiery car crashes. And that’s all happened within the last five episodes. Connie Britton, who plays country star Rayna James on the series, spoke to us recently and we had to know, what plot twist has surprised her the most?

“I will admit that the whole coma thing — I didn’t see that coming,” she says. “I was like, guys, really?? We’re gonna go coma on this?” Now that Rayna’s out of the coma, however, Britton is optimistic about her alter ego’s future. After having actual conversations with actual patients who have come out of medically-induced comas, she says there was a real sense of “I’m going to live my life and I’m going to make my life what I want it to be,” she explains. “She’s now gonna take the bull by the horns.”

Last week’s episode also featured Rayna’s label-mate and rival, Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), getting cast aside for fresher talent, which was Rayna’s fate last season. So will the two characters form an alliance any time soon? “I think that would be really fun if we did,” she says. “It would be so fun to see those characters kind of, have to band together because, you know, this is sort of the cycle of life of show business.”

No mention of Connie Britton is complete without a shout out to her naturally gorgeous hair, but when we asked her about some of her other beauty secrets, she was excited to give a shout out to Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ cream. Britton’s partnered with Pond’s to promote the new product which, she says, “makes me feel glowy and fantastic.” Don’t think we haven’t noticed that glow, girl. Even comatose, she looks amazing.

Nashville airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10pm ET/PT.