Vampire Academy’s Zoey Deutch And Lucy Fry Answer Your Questions Live!

I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve been dying to see Vampire Academy make the leap to the big screen for a good five years now, ever since I first imagined Rose and Dimitri under the spell of that locket. Mmmm. Oh, did I just write that in public? Ahem. Anyway, St. Vladimir’s most promising students, Zoey Deutch (Rose) and Lucy Fry (Lissa) are stopping by Very VH1 on Thursday at 3 pm ET to answer all those questions about the movie that have building up since you first fell in love with the sweet vampire princess and her fierce half-vampire bodyguard/BFF. Click on the window above and log in early to submit your questions.

What do they think of the term “Blood Sisters”? What is a conversation with the director of Mean Girls (VA director Mark Waters) and the writer of Heathers (VA screenwriter Daniel Waters) even like? Are they Richelle Mead stans too? How can they stand next to Danila Kozlovsky without bursting into flames? These are some of the questions I won’t be able to prevent myself from asking, but I know you’ve got more!

[Photo: The Weinstein Company]