The 5 Most Tear-Jerking Moments From Glee‘s Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

Within seconds of the opening strains of “Seasons of Love” the Twitterverse exploded with messages of condolences and support as Glee fans all over the globe said #farewellfinn during the highly anticipated (and dreaded) Cory Monteith tribute episode. In short, I cried. A lot. And since I read on the internet that group therapy is beneficial, here are the five most moving moments from last night’s show. Get your shirt sleeve forearm tissues ready.

#5 Santana Sings The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young”

Naya Rivera’s soulful R&B styling of The Band Perry’s country hit was the tipping point of no return when it came to the waterworks. Santana’s breakdown during the middle of the track coupled with her physical reaction to her grief minutes before made for a pretty powerful solo. The lyrics “what I never did is done” never held so much meaning thinking back on Cory’s future potential as an actor.

#4 Rachel’s Heart-To-Heart With Mr. Schue

Though this scene came during the final minutes, it was one of the most touching. Lea Michele pulls off a solid mix of real life reminiscing and Rachel Berry mourning the loss of one of the biggest components in her life plan. Turns out the plaque sequence you see in that scene really did make Lea smile. According to a recent interview she did with TV Guide Australia, Lea said Cory stole a plaque that used to reside on the famed Glee choir room set. They apparently spent the summer before his death traveling around taking pictures with it. But the line that really gets you killing trees is when Rachel clutches her Finn necklace and says, “He was my person.”

#3 Mercedes Sings The Pretender’s “I’ll Stand By You”

Glee fans will remember this song from Season 1 when Cory sang it as Finn for his pregnant girlfriend Quinn Fabray  back when he thought he was the baby daddy. It cemented the delusional goofy Finn as one of the sweetest characters on TV, but Amber Riley’s rendition as Mercedes brought us and everyone in the scene to tears when she turns an octave change into a high note that expresses so much pain you can see Kevin McHale as Artie trying to hold back tears.

#2 Finn’s Mom, Carole, Summarizes A Parent’s Grief

Mourning the loss of a child is something you can’t really express to the satisfaction of everyone, especially on TV where a viewer has to suspend disbelief and 140 characters makes everyone a critic. But Romy Rosemont’s portrayal of Carole Hudson-Hummel as Finn’s brokenhearted mom categorizing her son’s life into three “Keep,” “Giveaway” and “Donate” boxes hit a Emmy-worthy note I don’t think many will find fault with. When a distraught Carole rhetorically asks how do parents wake up everyday and answers with “You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore,” I lost it. Sorry for ever making you worry, mom.

#1 Rachel Sings Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”

Of course we all expected to be emotional during Rachel’s solo. Lea Michele being Cory’s girlfriend was as close as you got to the raw pain that must’ve been felt by the cast during the filming two months after the loss. Still, her cover of “Make You Feel My Love” made me cry more tears than Adele’s version or “Someone Like You” ever could. And just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore, Lea (or Rachel – the lines blurred with my tears after a certain point) crosses her arms as if physically holding herself together while she finished the song.

What will you miss most about the character Finn Hudson on Glee? Sound off once you’ve pulled it together.