Scandal Burn List: Mammoths, Liars And Made-Up Bimbos

  • mammoth

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  • Cyrus

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  • Italy

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  • Jeanine

  • Fitz

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I know most of you Scandal fans out there are super Team Olitz, and I get it, I really do. But my Felicity-loving heart was rejoicing last night at the reappearance of Noel Jake. Pretend I didn’t write that, though. Let’s get on with the one thing we can all celebrate about “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”: The burns.

Olivia’s still a little off her game, due to all the daddy issues coming back to haunt her, so most of the night’s best takedowns came courtesy of Cyrus. And man, was he in prime form.

The burn list:
Eli “The Commander” Pope

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