Vampire Academy BFFs Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry Share Tales Of Burnt Cookies And Lissa-Vision

Frankly, I really didn’t need to host yesterday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry, the stars of next year’s Vampire Academy. It was all about watching the co-stars-turned-BFFs giggle with each other, pretend to be office drones at my boss’ desk, and say hi to their fans across the globe. But I’m selfish, and I really did want to join in on their fun, so every once in a while I got to ask a question of the girls who play a vampire princess and her vampire-hybrid best friend and bodyguard-in-training. The pair were at their most adorable when talking about their own friendship — starting with their tale of meeting at the audition, and how Zoey had to play guardian right away and drive Lucy home.

“When we found out we got the parts, we started hanging out a lot before we went to London,” Lucy told us.

“I burnt cookies that she was making!” Zoey put in.

“We got through it,” Lucy continued. Like her character, Lissa, she definitely seems to be the more diplomatic of the two. The movie, based on Richelle Mead’s novels of the same title, was written by Heathers screenwriter Daniel Waters and directed by his brother, Mean Girls director Mark Waters, and it shot on an appropriately picturesque campus in England.

While there’s plenty of action, high school mean-girl high jinks and romance in the book and movie, both actresses said they were drawn to it because of the value the story places on female friendships.

“That’s one of the messages that I love about this film, is that it’s sending such a nice idea to young girls that you should prioritize your best friends before boys,” Zoey said.

Unlike Rose and Lissa, fortunately, the pair do not share a psychic bond. But I asked how that bond — Rose can see the world through Lissa’s eyes every once in a while, and not always by choice — will be portrayed onscreen.

“We shot it specifically calling it ’Lissa-vision,’ ” Lucy explained. “When I was doing a scene that Rose was looking into, they would do some shots with the camera in my perspective, and I think that Mark’s going to blur it a little bit. … Originally, there were going to be weird contacts, but they didn’t really work.”

Oh, thank goodness for that.

“You’re going to have to watch and see, folks!” Zoey added. Yes, we will!