Grading Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Fashion Style From Chic To Eeeeek!

Back when she was pregnant, Kim Kardashian earned perhaps more than her fair share of scrutiny for the ways in which she attempted to stick to her old way of dressing, despite her ever-changing figure. I pretty much expected that trend to continue after she gave birth to North West in June. Why would Kimmycakes give up her skintight outfits and uncomfortable shoes now? Well, imagine my surprise when I actually analyzed the fashions she’s been sporting since her return to the spotlight last month.

Despite a couple of flashy gowns Kim wore during Paris Fashion Week, most of what she’s been wearing reminds me of my own wardrobe in those first few months after having a baby. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re body is not your own for quite some time — not only are you not shedding the belly as rapidly as tabloids would have you believe is possible, you’ve got these giant milkbags attached to you. You have to wear shirts with easy access for baby, and on the days when you decide to wear something remotely nice, she/he inevitably decides to spit up on you right before you head out the door. Granted, Kim probably has a lot of help — from stylists who remind her to brush her hair before heading out the door to people who can hold the baby while she pulls on her shoes so she doesn’t accidentally find herself out in her slippers. But when I look at what she’s been wearing lately, I can actually identify with her in ways I never could before.

What do you think of Kim’s post-partum style? Check out my scoring system in the gallery before (from 1, the least mom-like, to 10) and let me know if you agree!

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