Who Had The Best Week Ever? StarbucksDrakeHands, That’s Who!

Did you miss Best Week Ever over the weekend? Fear not! Thanks to the miracle of streaming video technology, we can now show you the ENTIRE EPISODE that premiered this past weekend. You can now watch the Gravity spoof that was the show’s cold open, you can see Sassy and Puma from Black Ink Crew spend some QT with Michael Che, but what you REALLY want to check out is when Mr. StarbucksDrakeHands himself, Brody Ryan, takes home the prize for having the Best Week Ever!

Want some bonus StarbucksDrakeHands, celebrity style? YOU GOT IT!

Why, there’s NFL legend Terry Bradshaw doing it!

It’s Aaron Paul, bitch!

It’s not a real meme unless you get Larry King to participate!

Remember Snooki? We BARELY do, but she’s getting in on the act.

Last and certainly least, injured New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez apparently doesn’t have anything better to do, either!