Dane DeHaan Is The “New Vision” Of Acting, And 5 Others Reasons To Be Obsessed

Dane DeHaan is going to win an Oscar someday,” is a thing people keep saying to us over and over again. If you’ve seen any of his recent work it’s impossible to disagree: the dude is GOOD. His new movie Kill Your Darlings is a tragic tale of love and murder connected to the Beats’ quest for a “new vision” of literary pioneers. When we asked Dane and KYD costar Michael C. Hall who they saw as the new vision of actors, Michael pointed right at Dane. BOOM. As if that wasn’t enough here are five more reasons you should be obsessed with the guy.

5. He’s got a ton of high profile roles on the way, including a James Dean biopic, Life, with Robert Pattinson, and a stint in the next Spider-man.

4. He befriends all his costars. He and Dan Radcliffe are now BFF, and he roadtripped with Shia LaBeouf  before shooting Lawless together. We’d totally be into him dude-ing it up with Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield too.

3. Ahhhh, Lawless. A imperfect film with some amazing performances, in particular Dane’s work as Cricket. Netflix it, dudes.

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