Taryn Manning Makes Her Debut On “The New Inmates Of Orange Is The New Black” As New Hamsichusettes!

Oh snap! Things are about to get a whole lot WASP-ier and a whole lot more dangerous on Best Week Ever’s “The New Inmates Of Orange Is The New Black.” Orange Is The New Black’s very own Taryn Manning is joining the cellblock as a familiar looking face–but a completely new character. Sure, she looks just like Pennsatucky, but that’s only because she’s Pennasatucky’s evil twin sister: New Hamsichusettes! Hold on to your pearls and beware of cardigans because it’s about to go down. How down? Real low down. So check out the clip above and be sure to tune in for an all-new episode of Best Week Ever tomorrow, Friday, October 18 at 10/9 C!