Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! Celebrate With His Sexiest Trailer Moments

  • high school musical

    [Photo: Disney]

  • hairspray

    [Photo: New Line Cinema]

  • 17-again

    [Photo: New Line Cinema]

  • me-and-orson

    [Photo: Warner Bros.]

  • charlie st cloud

    [Photo: Universal Pictures]

  • new-years

    [Photo: Warner Bros.]

  • lucky-one

    [Photo: Warner Bros.]

  • Paperboy

    [Photo: Millenium Films]

  • At-Any-Prince

    [Photo: Sony Pictures Classics]

  • parkland

    [Photo: Exclusive Media Group]

  • neighbors

    [Photo: Universal Pictures]

  • awkward

    [Photo: Focus Features]

Zac Efron turns 26 today, so I think we can officially stop feeling like cougars for lusting after him. Particularly after seeing him lying horizontally and very nakedly on a toilet to pee in the trailer for That Awkward Moment that dropped earlier this week. And really, is it our fault that every time we look at him, we’d like to rip his shirt off and/or make out with him in the rain? No. It is clearly the fault of the movie marketing industry. Above, you will find cold hard (er, warm wet?) proof.

Whether he’s kissing someone in the rain, casually disrobing or using his arms in a particularly flattering manner, Zac Efron is almost always flaunted by those trailer editors in just the right way to make us disregard the questionable quality of his films and flock to the theater anyway. Or, well, actually, there are some of these we feel OK skipping, just as long as we can replay the trailers a few more times.