Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Calls Him Out for Dating Younger Women

"Should I drop her off for 6th period?"

I don’t know much about Jamie Foxx’s 21-year-old daughter Corinne Bishop, but I know I like her. She’s not afraid to call her dad out for dating women who are way younger than him.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, Foxx, who is 47, said he was dating a “legal” women in her 20s. He tried to keep his girlfriend and daughter separate, but Bishop ran into her dad’s half-shirt-wearing young lady without him there to smooth things over. Here’s how he explained what went down:

My daughter is like, “Really dad?” She says, “I’m on my way to school. Should I drop her off for 6th period?” It was like that, so I talk about those things [on the album] you’re still fly and young, at the same time, you are over 40.

Hands-up hallelujah emoji to you, Corinne Bishop.

Watch the full interview below.

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