The Most Un-Scary Carrie Homages In TV And Movies

Did the brand new Carrie scare the crap out of you over the weekend? Or did you skip it, ’cause you’d seen the Brian de Palma original too many times? Or maybe, if you’re like me, you have never felt the need to see either version because a) you’re a scaredy cat, and b) this movie has been referenced and clipped and parodied and paid homage to so many times, that it really feels like you’ve seen it anyway. It’s even a verb: Being “Carrie’d,” as in having a bucket of blood (or other unsavory liquid) spilled on you when you’re onstage. Really, you’d think schools and theaters would have people checking the rafters more frequently for mean girls carrying suspicious pails. Anyway, if you’re chicken like me, but feel the need to talk about the movie with your horror-buff friends this Halloween season, here you have five very benign Carrie moments in pop culture:

1. Superstar, 1999
Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) is a Carrie superfan and watches the movie backwards at her video store job, so she actually shouldn’t be that sad when the mean girl pours blue paint on her during talent show auditions.

2. White Chicks (2004)
Mean girls Megan and Heather Vandergeld (Brittany Daniel and Jaime King) planned to dump buckets of paint on our heroes during a fashion show. But Busy Philipps saves the day, pushes them off the rafters and pours the paint on them instead. It is hailed as fashion innovation!

3. Ugly Betty, Season 1, “Petra-Gate” (2007)
This is the absolute least-scary of them all: Betty (America Ferrera) recalls spending her prom night at home with her equally loser BFF Trina, when Trina ditches her at the last minute to go with a date and spitefully pours a bucket of blood on Betty in her own living room. Except then Betty admits that the blood part never happened and Trina was actually super-apologetic about the whole thing.

4. 30 Rock, Season 3, “Reunion” (2008)
At her high school reunion, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is shocked to realize that everyone thought she was a bully back in the day. Her classmates lure her onto the stage in order to “Carrie” her, but when Jack (Alec Baldwin) finds out, he uncharacteristically plays hero and talks everyone out of it. This is award-winning Carrie-ing, here: The episode won an Emmy for writer Matt Hubbard.

5. Glee, Season 5, “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds” (2013)
Every McKinley High prom features an opportunity for the popular kids to publicly humiliate the Glee kids, Carrie style. It’s amazing that it took until this year to actually happen. After running a particularly diva-ish campaign, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) had the bucket of red slushy dumped on her during her classic prom queen crowning. Yikes, that looked cold.

And incidentally, when you see adorable Chloe Moretz talk about being covered in blood for her Carrie, it’s also not scary, because she is an awesome pro.

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