The 10 Most Awkdorable Slacker Dude Characters Of All Time

  • NickMiller_NewGirl_10

  • ChandlerBing_Friends_8

  • JimHalpert_Office_7

  • Max_HappyEndings_6

  • SethRogen_KnockedUp_5

  • CharlieDay_Sunny_4

  • TroyDyer_RealityBites_3

  • lloyddobler_sayanything_2

  • Ray_Girls_1

  • JasonSegel_SMarshall_9

In a world filled with Manic Pixie Dream Girls it seems only natural that their male counterpart should arise. Behold: The Awkdorable Slacker Dude – a character whose roots can be traced back to the ’80s but is now a popular fixture on sitcoms, with Nick Miller of New Girl leading the slovenly pack. You know the guy we’re talking about: He’s lovable and cute, despite that untucked flannel and extra five pounds he’s carrying. He’s quippy, awkward and complains like a grandfather, spends more time talking up his creative pursuits than actually committing to them and works at – or frequents – a bar or coffee shop. ASDs are infuriating and yet somehow women find them irresistible (most of the time).¬†Here are ten of our faves.