Fifty Shades: 4 Rumored Christian Grey Actors Looking Very Un-Christian Grey-ish

  • Jamie-Dornan

  • Billy

    [Photo: Getty Images]

  • Christian-cooke

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  • francois-arnaud

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  • askars-as-christian

    [Photo: HBO]

OK, guys. It’s been more than a year and a half since Fifty Shades of Grey Mania swept the land, and here we are, STILL agonizing over who will be the man to awaken Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess. Thanks a lot, Charlie Hunnam. Over the weekend, we heard that Once Upon a Time’s Irish hottie Jamie Dornan and Tony nominee Billy Magnussen tested for the role with Dakota Johnson (Anastasia). Meanwhile, Christian Cooke, Francois Arnaud and (oh my) Alexander Skarsgard’s names are still coming up too. Word was that one of Hunnam’s reservations was that he’d be forever associated with the role of the S&M obsessed tycoon. Well, we took a look at a few pics of the new front-runners and came to one conclusion: If they get cast, we’ll never see them looking this un-Christian again.

OK, so imagine you’re not still rooting for Robert Pattinson or Matt Bomer. Who’s your top pick among the rumored choices?

[Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]