Last Lap: Why Won’t Matthew McConaughey Make The Shortlist For The Fifty Shades Of Grey Lead?

Which domestic queen has already suffered a Halloween fashion fail? Leah Remini believes she’s getting targeted by Scientologists, and Pauly D steps into fatherhood.

  • Matthew McConaughey doesn’t have to worry about lobbying to play Christian Grey. The admitted he doesn’t even know what Fifty Shades Of Grey is about! [E!]
  • Celebs are already getting gussied up for Halloween, but The Gossip Table crew has found a few costumes they’d rather not see in the daylight. Check out our video gallery to see who missed the mark this year.
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  • After defecting from the Church Of Scientology, Leah Remini says followers are hoping to end her run on Dancing With The Stars. Well, she’s still going strong, so they must not be that effective. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Pauly D has revealed that he’s a dad! The Jersey Shore alum is the proud papa of a baby girl who’s a few months old. Congrats! [MTV News]

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