Nikki & Sara Countdown The 5 Craziest Moments From Season 2 Of Nikki & Sara LIVE

The second season of Nikki & Sara Live draws to an end tonight with a spectacular Halloween themed season finale. In honor of the auspicious occasion, we chatted with the show’s stars, Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, about season two’s craziest, silliest and funniest moments and, of course, about meeting Justin Timberlake. We’ll count down the moments here:

5) Whey They Solved All Of Our Selfie Problems By Telling Us About “Ready Limb”

Selfies are all the rage right now…and they can cause rage. Nikki and Sara offered up a fun sketch about a new product called “Ready Limb” that would solve the most aggravating part of taking selfies: getting everything in the shot!

That’s all well and good, but what do Nikki and Sara think about selfies? “I like taking them because I like being in control. You can’t trust a stranger to get it right,” said Nikki.

Sara on the other hand pointed out that while selfies are fun, you might not want to get too wrapped up in them. “I would say, only take one at a time. If you’re spending more than two seconds on a selfie, then you need to move on with your life.”

4) When They Surprised Two Major One Direction Fans…With One Direction

Nikki and Sara did two One Direction fans a solid when they introduced the girls to their idols. The girls were brought to the show under the guise that they were going to fill Nikki and Sara’s shoes for a day, so needless to say they were thrilled when they discovered that meant interviewing One Direction.

Sara said, “We were going to have, like, five minutes with [One Direction], or something. And we didn’t know if it would be a very rewarding result, if it was just me and Nikki talking to them about their movie for five minutes, if that would be special enough.”

The Nikki & Sara LIVE team crunched ideas and figured introducing two mega-fans would be more fun.

“It was one of the most stressful and elaborate things we’ve ever done, trying to hide it from these girls and lying to them for a whole day, which was very difficult.”

Difficult, but totally worth it.

3) When They Played “Fun, Fun, Real” with The Cast of Don Jon

Nikki and Sara often take their show out of the studio and on to the streets to ask real people fun questions. This season, though, they took their game, “Fun, Fun, Real,” to the cast of Don Jon.

So, what’s the difference between playing “Fun, Fun, Real” with real people and celebs? You don’t know if the celebs will actually be game to play the game.

“We were really nervous because we didn’t know if they were going to get it,” Sara said. “We had like 10 seconds to explain it to them, and if they’re not on board, and their publicist is standing right there covering them, like touching you, like, stop, no…so we were nervous, but it was so fun and everyone was so game and it was just amazing.”

Everyone was game, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt might have let us all down when he failed to explain why ladies queef. “Joseph Gordon-Levitt was not helpful. He did not have any information at all. We were very upset,” said Sara.

And what about Nikki’s burgeoning friendship with Scarlett Johansson? “Oh, it’s pretty one-sided, like she keeps calling me, no uh, nothing has happened since, but I feel like if I ever ran into her again, she would remember me, and we shared something special. I was always a fan of hers, but now I’m a huge fan.”

2) When They Touched All Those Celebs On The MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

On Season One of Nikki & Sara LIVE, the ladies introduced a game where they tried to touch as many celebrities as many times as they could on a red carpet. For Season Two, they upped the ante.

So how did they get away with it?

“We’re doing it so much, they don’t know…they’re just in the moment,” explained Sara. “It’s chaos on the red carpet. It’s loud. They don’t know that we’re like touching them, like, above 20 times. ”

Nikki totally had a favorite. “Touching Drake was exciting, because it was like very fleeting, he just flew by like he was going down a river, and we just had to like, try to grab him and that was really exciting and Katy Perry, I got close, but it didn’t happen. That was thrilling, just to even try.”

1) When They Actually Met Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake isn’t just Nikki and Sara’s favorite pop star, he’s the reason they have a show on MTV! Nikki explained that “we made a sketch about it, or we made a PSA, and it was a call to action for him to come back to music, and this was in 2011, so it was before he started doing music again. And then, we’ve mentioned him, pretty much on every show since then.”

Knowing how important JT was to them, Nikki and Sara’s staff organized a top secret meeting with the man himself.

So what’s he like in person? The ladies spilled, “He was just really beautiful in person, just like more than you think they’re gonna be. He’s just a really good-looking man. I’ll say that. Yeah, I thought he was an angel.”

 Nikki & Sara LIVE’s Season Two finale is on MTV tonight at 11/10 PM C.