Miley Cyrus & Alec Baldwin Helped Edward Norton Host Saturday Night Live Last Night

Edward Norton hosted Saturday Night Live (with musical guest Janelle Monáe) for the very first time last night. The dramatic thespian joked up top that he spent 13 years preparing for the job, but he had no reason to worry. Norton not only had the chops to sell some of the show’s most delightful and weird sketches, but he also had the guidance of Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus.

Edward Norton might not be known for his comic timing, but after last night that might change. The actor was skillfully going through a self-depricating monologue when Alec Baldwin showed up to coach him in the difference between Neil La Bute and “Schweddy Balls.” Recent Saturday Night Live host and musical guest Miley Cyrus also dropped in, but she seemed to be there more to announce an upcoming tour than to help with any of the comedy.

Baldwin also showed up in the show’s most buzzed about sketch of the night: a spoof that asked the question “What If Wes Anderson Made A Horror Film?” Norton anchored the smart and absurd satire with a spot-on Owen Wilson impression.

Norton also killed it in the show’s last sketch of the night: an absurd scene about Halloween candy that featured a Baby Ruth and an “Adult Ruth.”

Saturday Night Live returns next weekend with host Kerry Washington and musical guest Eminem.

[Photo Credit: NBC]