10 Celebs Whose Blackface Blunders Totally Stunned Us

  • Julianne Hough

    [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News/Netflix]

  • Ted Danson wearing black face during Friar’s Roast for girlf

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  • Billy Crystal

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  • Beyonce

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  • Sarah Silverman

  • C. Thomas Howell

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  • Claudia Schiffer

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  • Tyra Banks

  • Fred Armisen

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  • Rob McElhenney

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With many people marking Halloween this past weekend, it’s no surprise that we’d see a celeb wear a questionable costume that many of us would find to be offensive. No, we’re not talking about Paris Hilton dressing up as Miley Cyrus (although, ewwwww); rather, we’ve got Dancing With The Stars’ Julianne Hough who made the regrettable decision to attempt to add authenticity to her Orange Is The New Black costume by applying blackface.

On Big Morning Buzz Live, Tamar Braxton remarked that she didn’t necessarily find the getup racist, but we know that there are people who respectfully disagree. Donning blackface is, thankfully, generally something that’s been fazed out of polite society, but occasionally a celeb will commit an act of cultural insensitivity that lands them in hot water. Like Ted Danson, C. Thomas Howell and Billy Crystal before her, Julianne Hough is finding herself on the receiving end of criticism after applying too much bronzer while getting her Halloween on over this weekend. It’s worth noting that the Paradise star quickly apologized after realizing the error of her ways, but the damage has already been done.

So who else was clueless enough to step out in blackface? Take a look through our gallery to find out.

[Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News/Netflix]