Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: The Top 15 Horror Villains We *Might* Want To Date

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Here at VH1, we watch movies almost exclusively for the eye candy. Sure, plot and character development and special effects are nice, but when we go to the movies, we go to stare at hot bods. The most iconic villains in horror films aren’t usually considered hotties, but we’re determined to find a few ladykillers amongst them. In honor of Halloween, we’re ranking the 15 hottest fictional serial killers (and ranking them in order of whom we’d most like to date).

If you ignore the fact that Jason Voorhees is a psychotic murderer, there’s something rather debonair about his ability to carry a woman through the woods. Anthony Perkins’s Norman Bates might have been been a literal Psycho, but honestly, when have you met a guy who doesn’t have severe mommy issues? Finally, isn’t the point of Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman that he’s the type of guy you would bring home (to chop you to bits with an axe)?

Some of the guys on our list are, yes, rather repulsive in every single possible imaginable way. However, we think that some of them would be good boyfriends to have if hypothetically they didn’t want to murder us.


[Photo Credit: Lionsgate Films & Paramount Pictures]