Last Lap: Which Friends Star Got Cosmetic Surgery As A Teenager?

The Gossip Table crew reveals celebs’ hottest beach pics, Kendra Wilkinson may or may not be cheating on her husband, and a new clip from the Twilight series is revealed.

  • In a new interview, Lisa Kudrow revealed she had a nose job at the tender age of 16. She claims she was “hideous” before the surgery, and has no regrets about the decision. Guess we can’t blame her, since she’s still hot at 50! [Us Magazine]
  • Summer may be over in the U.S., but it’s always sizzling somewhere — especially when hot stars are involved. The Gossip Table brings us some of our favorite stars in their bathing suits.
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  • As she carries her second child with her husband, Kendra Wilkinson is being accused of creeping around with an ex-boyfriend. Apparently, the former Playboy playmate only had “platonic” outings with her ex, but her hubby wasn’t aware. [Daily Mail]
  • With the complete set of the Twilight films being released on Blu-ray tomorrow, we get to see an exclusive clip that goes behind the scenes with Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. [MTV News]

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