Ciara, Kim K And More: Play Guess The Celebrity Engagement Rings!

You might need sunglasses to play this guessing game! Whether you’re fantasy shopping for yourself or just plain fascinated by geology, you’ve probably noticed that famous ladies are getting engagement rings the size of asteroids these days. They’re not just big, though. From Ciara to Olivia Wilde to Kim Kardashian, these women are inspiring their men to get super creative with their vintage-inspired, custom-designed, envy-inducing rings. Now it’s our turn to pop a question: How closely have you been paying attention to the rings on the latest crop of engaged celebrities? Flip through below to test yourself!

Whose fiance had this giant rock designed at Avianne & Co.?

Ciara, whose BF Future popped the question on her birthday in October.

Now, whose fiance got a little help from Justin Theroux in choosing this beauty?

Olivia Wilde, who’s also expecting a baby with fiance Jason Sudeikis.

Speaking of which, people are ALWAYS speculating that the owner of this spectacular diamond is knocked up…

It’s Jennifer Aniston!

Judging by this (reportedly) $8 million ring and the proposal it came with, this bride-to-be’s wedding will be quite the spectacle. Who is it?

Kim Kardashian, of course.

Here’s a harder one: This ring’s owner once had an on-screen extramarital affair with the man she’s now engaged to.

It’s Alexis Bledel, who’s engaged to her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser.

This ring’s owner surprised us all with her whirlwind romance and engagement.

It’s Kaley Cuoco!

This ring belongs to another TV star, given to her by her rapper BF.

It’s Naya Rivera’s!

We’re hoping the second time’s a charm for this art deco ring’s owner, a once-married movie star, whose new fiance is a journalist.

It’s Scarlett Johansson, who got engaged to Romain Dauric in September.

The owner of this ring (and fresh manicure) has happily grown out of the high school role that made her famous.

It’s Ashley Tisdale!

The owner of this classic jewel is leading a much quieter life, now that she’s quit the reality-TV biz.

It’s Lauren Conrad!

Now one more tough one: This mom-to-be is settling down after playing a prostitute on TV.

It’s Jennifer Love Hewitt!

How did you do?

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