The 10 Most Powerful Celebrity Politicians of All-Time

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Washington D.C. is famously known as “Hollywood for ugly people,” so perhaps it’s no surprise that when the candidate in question is a genuine celebrity they have an unfair advantage over their election rivals, especially considering the uniform unpopularity of career politicians. Some celebrities have quietly served their home districts in Congress or local office while others have ascended to the highest seats of power in the land.

And whereas scandals can sink even the most established of politicos, we’re usually disappointed if our celebrities don’t have at least one or two skeletons in the closet, or in the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an illegitimate child. Being that it is Election Day today, we took stock of the most famous and most powerful celebs to ever place hand on Bible and swear allegiance to the flag. Check out our fun list of candidates, old and knew, who have held an office from D.C. to Cali, and remember to cast your own votes in the comment section below.