30 Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are beautiful, beautiful people – and we love them for it. Okay, sometimes we hate them for it. But that’s not the matter. The matter is, these stars don’t get so fabulous without some hardcore facial, body and makeup maintenance! Sometimes there’s cosmetic surgery involved; sometimes, they have possibly made a deal with the devil to never age. But there are, well, less costly measures they can take too. Check out just how far these celebrities will go to achieve ultimate perfection. Whether it’s rubbing kitty litter on their faces (yes, Snooki is an offender) or lathering on placenta cream (Katie Holmes!), famous folks do some startling things to look flawless around the clock. So sit back, relax, laugh (and gasp) at our gallery of 30 Celebrities With Weird Beauty Secrets. If you dare.