Diapers, Grills And Turntables: 10 Surprisingly Successful Second Careers Of Celebrities

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Some actors, athletes and musicians have longevity — their talent and fame will have them in the public eye until long after they’re 6 feet under. Others, well, if they didn’t plan ahead when they made it big, they kinda need to find new ways to pay the bills. We’ve already visited the political options available to stars, but there are other great career paths too.

Jessica Alba is following in Paul Newman’s footsteps with her Honest Company; Paris Hilton seems quite legit as a DJ; and of course, department stores racks are now filled with fashion lines from the likes of Jessica Simpson and Kristin Cavallari. These guys are making millions all over again, so we compiled this list of the best second careers for any other celebrities who need a new gig.