Kylie Jenner’s Boobalicious Instagram – Too Much For A Teen?

With Kendall Jenner having just celebrated her 18th birthday, onlookers were happy to ogle the legal-aged Kardashian sister, guilt-free. But don’t put your shame away just yet, as 16-year-old Kylie has just posted a questionable photo to her Instagram account.

Even though the Kardashians are known for flaunting what they’ve got, we’re wondering if this is a little too much for a minor. Couldn’t she have waited two years before putting herself in danger of a nip slip?

But then again, who knows what kind of pressure she’s under in such an overexposed family. We just hope she can keep herself a little more covered up as she heads toward adulthood — even she thinks it’ll be an eternity before she turns 18.

Browse through our gallery of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and let us know in the comments whether you think she’s crossing boundaries.

[Photo Credit: @kyliejenner]