Very VH1: Chat With ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Creator Issa Rae About Her Web Series + Leap To HBO

If you’re a fan of the Internet, you probably already know and love Issa Rae. But if you aren’t familiar with “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” creator yet: 1. You’re #late (we’ll be sure to send you those Harlem Shake videos you missed, too). 2. You’ve got a shot at getting up to speed and then some during our live chat with her on the Very VH1 Spreecast Wednesday, November 6, at 3:30 pm ET (12:30 PT).

We’ll be talking to the hilarious Forbes “30 Under 30” writing, acting, producing, directing innumerable-threat about her latest YouTube projects, her Scandal connection and her HBO future.

Remember, you don’t have to just watch us interview Issa. Join in by clicking on the comment icon in player’s upper right-hand corner to participate in the chat. It’s an interactive experience, so you can also hop on camera to ask a question or share your comments with Issa face-to-face. Now’s not the time to be awkward. Send us your questions!