Very VH1: Chat With ’80s Child Star Corey Feldman About Growing Up, The Goonies And Coreyography

Any child of the of the ’80s remembers The Goonies, the now-iconic adventure about a group of kids seeking out buried treasure. One of the film’s breakout stars was Corey Feldman, who would go on to star in other insta-classics, such as The ’Burbs, The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. As his star grew so did his notoriety. He dabbled in music (remember Former Child Actor?) and television, which included scripted (The Bad News Bears and later Married… With Children) and reality (The Two Coreys and VH1’s very own Surreal Life).

Now the actor is revealing it all in his new biography, Coreyography: A Memoir

. Join VH1 as we talk to him about the ups, the downs, the crazy and the memorable on Thursday, November 7th, at 2 p.m. EST.