From Silver Spoons To The Silver Screen: 20 Celebrities Who Grew Up Wealthy

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When someone says they want to be a celebrity, it’s usually because they want to be two things: rich and famous. Some celebrities, however, already had the rich thing on lockdown. The 20 celebrities on our list never had to worry where the rent or their next meal was coming from. They grew up rubbing elbows with movie stars and diplomats, studying at the world’s most illustrious prep schools and one was even born in her family’s castle!

Olivia Wilde might be a movie star (and mom-to-be), but she grew up the daughter of successful journalists and comes from a long line of British nobles. Lena Dunham is the daughter of two famous artists and spent her summers next door to Meryl Streep. If Tom Hiddleston ever comes across like a Disney prince, it’s probably because he grew up the son of a wealthy scientist and pharmaceutical company owner. Oh, and he went to school with Prince William.

Stars want you to think they’re just like us, but unless you’re an aristocrat or scion of a financial power player, chances are these celebs grew up very differently than you did.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]