Chris Hemsworth’s Competition: 15 Actors With The Best Arms In Hollywood

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  • dwayne-johnson

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  • joe-manganiello

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  • ll-cool-j

  • mario-lopez

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  • paul-wesley

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  • ryan-gosling

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  • Taylor-Kitsch-Battleship

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  • Tyler-Hoechlin

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When Thor came out two years ago, Chris Hemsworth’s 16-plus-inch biceps were the talk of the town. We haven’t heard about his measurements for the sequel, but they look just fine to us. And anyway, size doesn’t matter — ha! Sorry, meant to say that size isn’t the only thing that matters in this all-important list of our 15 favorite pairs of arms in Hollywood (“30 arms” sounds weird, right?)

You’ll notice that we haven’t included the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, nor are some of our favorite younger bodies, like Channing Tatum or Taye Diggs. Those guys have their assets (now we basically have to do an abs list, don’t we?). But we’re looking for a certain something special that makes us either wish we were in their warm embrace, or decide to do some one-handed pull-ups on the spot. There are some big guns, like Dwayne Johnson’s, LL Cool J’s and Joe Manganiello’s. There are some more finely built specimens, like Ryan Gosling’s. And there are some that look just the perfect size to sweep us off our feet (we’re looking at you Tyler Hoechlin and Taylor Kitsch).

Who’s got your favorite pair of cannons? Who are you mad we left out? Slug it out in the comments!