First Dibs: Did Jennifer Aniston Chop Off Her Hair By Accident?

Why are Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry racing to the South Pole? What treat did Doctor Who fans get this weekend? What’s the secret to Marvel’s movie success?

  • There was a rumor Jennifer Aniston chopped off her hair because of a Brazilian blowout accident, but Aniston claims it was a spur-of-the-moment decision and that she loves it. [People]
  • Photos have been released of Alexander Skarsgard, Prince Harry and Dominic Cooper training for their race to the South Pole. The trio are going to race over 208 miles to the South Pole in a bid to raise awareness for a charity called Walking with the Wounded. [TMZ]
  • Doctor Who fans got their first real glimpse of the show’s upcoming 50th anniversary special. [YouTube]

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