First Dibs: Has Kim Kardashian Fallen From Grace?

Why is Kate Middleton getting flack from the British press? Who on Good Morning America discovered they have cancer? And what exactly is going on in Thor: The Dark World’s ending?

  • Kim Kardashian fell down at a family garage sale yesterday. She leaned back against an unstable pile of things up for sale and fell down and laughed about it. [US Magazine]
  • Kate Middleton looked beautiful at a formal ceremony for Remembrance Day in London yesterday, but caught flack for playing with her sausage curls during the somber ceremony. [Celebitchy]
  • Good Morning America’s Amy Robach had an on-air mammogram last month to encourage viewers to get checked for breast cancer and has since discovered that she has the disease. Robach is married to former Melrose Place star Andrew Shue. [People]
  • If you’re still trying to digest everything that happened in Thor: The Dark World, MTV News has a SPOILER filled cheat sheet to what happened and what’s next. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]