Not-So ‘The Best Man’ And More: 10 Movie Wedding Parties That Make Us Want To Elope

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They wear awful dresses for you, selflessly plan your parties, listen to your jitters and endless discussion of seating arrangements and flowers — the people in your wedding party are generally awesome people. Why, then is Hollywood obsessed with making best men, bridesmaids and maids of honor disastrously terrible? Because it’s good fun. In honor of The┬áBest Man Holiday’s release this week, we looked back at the original The Best Man, along with other favorite wedding movies from Bridesmaids to My Best Friend’s Wedding, to count our blessings that none of these people were in our own big day.

Whether they’re groomsmen who get into BIG trouble at the bachelor party (The Hangover) or bridesmaids who come close to ruining it all out of their own jealousy (Bachelorette), these are basically the worst friends ever. It makes you wonder why the brides and grooms didn’t just cut their losses and elope!