End The “Hathahate”: 10 Ways Anne Hathaway Can Be More Likeable

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Anne Hathaway should have had an amazing 30th year. She got married, she pulled off playing both Catwoman and Fantine, and she won her very first Academy Award. However, a shadow fell over Hathaway’s year: “Hathahate.” Everyone suddenly decided that the very smart, very lovely and very talented actress was annoying and worthy of our scorn.  Since today is her birthday, we have 10 tips for her to make the “Hathahate” go away for her 31st year.

The biggest complaint about Anne Hathaway seems to be that she’s too much of a people pleaser. She comes across like an exceptionally overeager Rachel Berry. Uh, she smiles a lot.

So, we have put together a 10 point plan of 5 do’s and 5 don’t’s for Hathaway, who is ever the perfectionist, to apply to her life. And guess what? Most of them are to relax, have fun and stand up for herself more! (Unless of course she decides to stand up for herself by turning down a free carriage ride, because come on…most people would kill for that.)

We love you Anne and want this silly Hathahate to stop! And we also want you to stop talking about your crazy diets…

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]