Kerry Washington Isn’t The Only Un-Lucky One: 10 Absolutely Awful Celebrity Magazine Covers

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We have made no secret of our intense crush on Kerry Washington here at VH1, and you know we’re not alone. So why in Olivia Pope’s name would Lucky magazine feel the need to mess with her perfect face on the cover of the December/January issue? The too-small eyes, dimension-less teeth render and the weird angle of her head render her basically unrecognizable. But she’s certainly not the first celebrity to endure involuntary cosmetic surgery at the hands of overzealous editors and art directors.

Because Photoshop disasters are one of our favorite types of train wreck, and because we hope one day, the magazines of the future will learn from these mistakes, we present to you the above list of 10 really awful celebrity covers. If we were ever to grace the cover of a magazine, we wouldn’t mind some airbrushing help — but we’re also pretty sure that the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Tina Fey and Eminem didn’t need the massive makeovers you’ll see in the gallery above.