Last Lap: How Is Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy Being Honored?

The Gossip Table highlights stars’ best style transformations, new information comes to light in the death of Brittany Murphy, and Christian Bale opens up about his Batman audition.

  • Get ready for the Ron Burgundy School Of Communication. Boston’s Emerson College will recognize the fictional newsman from the Anchorman series on December 4 by temporarily naming their media studies center after him. While their at it, can they (permanently) give props to Will Ferrell? [Los Angeles Times]
  • Which stars have gone from frumpy to fabulous? The Gossip Table panelists chart the style evolutions of our favorite celebs.
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  • Years after Brittany Murphy’s tragic death, new independent testing suggests the actress may have been poisoned. Hair and blood samples reportedly revealed high levels of metals commonly found in pesticides. [Huffington Post]
  • Remember the raspy voice Christian Bale used in the Batman series? During his audition, he wasn’t sure if that voice had actually cost him the part! [MTV News]

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