Oh Snap! Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga And The Suckiest Celebrity Selfies

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Love them or hate them, selfies provide perfect portraits of how people want the world to see them. Since celebrities are in the public eye for a living, they should be the masters of photographing themselves. They’ve got hair; they’ve got makeup; they’ve got their angles down pat; they’ve got things all wrong? The 20 celebrities on our list are usually on point when they point and shoot photos of themselves, but these selfies are sucky disasters!

Okay, so some of the bad selfies on our list are absolutely intentional. Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga posted unflattering photos of themselves captioned with how exhausted they were, but did they really have to post photos where they are unrecognizable? Why capture the moment when you’re dead on your feet and in dire need of catching some z’s? However, other selfies are pure photographic failures. Kim Kardashian’s image has been carefully managed from the start, so how did a fuzzy photo of her iPhone wind up on her Instagram? And then there are the poor celebrities who can’t figure out how to keep their eyes open while the flash goes off. We’re looking at you, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.

Everyone takes a bad photo now and again. Heck, everyone takes and posts a bad selfie now and again. However, the celebrities on this list have no excuse for posting their blurry, unflattering, poorly lit portraits on the internet. They should know better!

[Photo Credit: Lindsay Lohan & Lady Gaga’s Instagram]